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Height: 26cm (10.20 inches)
Width: 23cm (9.10 inches)
Depth: 13cm (5.10 inches)
Weight: 210g (0.50 pounds)
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Petite Miss Jeans
Small, spacious Lycra Handbag


A smaller version of La Miss Jeans, this cute designer lycra handbag has a playful print that's both stylish and whimsical. Each item is handmade, from cutting to sewing, therefore the pattern is different from one piece to another and this means that each product is a unique piece.

Petite Miss Jeans Handbag - details

  • Handmade in Italy

  • Made by Save My Bag

  • Totally cruelty free

  • 100% LYCRA/li>
  • Delightful print of colourful butterflies

  • Small, but very spacious handbag

  • A smaller version of the La Miss Jeans Handbag

  • Decorative flap and bow on the front

  • Chic and trend-setting

  • Double, rolled carry handles

  • Closes with a zip

  • Light to carry

  • Washable

  • Durable

The Petite Miss Jeans Handbag seamlessly melds the qualities of lightness and durability, crafting products that are both chic and lightweight, enduring, and setting the pulse of trends in the fashion world.

These bags are hand made and are therefore not kept in stock. Our dedication to craftsmanship may cause a short wait, but it's worth it for a unique masterpiece made just for you. Thanks for your patience.
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