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Diameter: 15cm (5.91 inches)
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Rovente - 15cm plate
Handmade, traditional ceramic plate from Sicily


This beautiful plate is part of a set consisting of three plates, one each of 15cm (5.91 inches), 18cm (7.09 inches) and 25cm (9.84 inches). 15cm (5.91 inches), 18cm (7.09 inches) and 25cm (9.84 inches). These plates are thicker and heavier than normal, with vivid colours and a beautiful shine, making them both unusual to look at and delightful to eat from.

They have been made in Sicily using ancient traditions and using only the highest quality materials. Each plate has been delicately painted with an interesting, colourful and modern design. They have all been painted exclusively by hand using lead-free paint.

The traditional way to lay the table in Italy is to have the plates you will need for all the courses set out on the table before the meal starts. The small one for bread, the side plate for antipasta and the large one for the main course. Pasta or risotto would be served away from the table in either a matching or contrasting shallow bowl.

These handmade Sicilian plates are such fun that you could mix and match them or have a different design for each person. Children, in particular, just love having a plate that is only for them which makes the small plates an ideal gift. This small plate also has the facility, by means of two holes on the base, to be hung on the wall.

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